Kim the Sojourner

Solo travel/Sojourn in Jerusalem

Hi there and thanks for checking out my blog.

I’m Kim, hence the name of my blog ‘Kim’s Global Sojourn.’ I have wanderlust it seems so I enjoy embarking on adventures all over the globe. I am a big fan of the African continent and aim to experience all its 54 countries – almost 9 down as of December 2017.


I am passionate about budgeting, saving, travelling and living a debt free lifestyle.

I am from the fair and beautiful isle, Jamaica and I now reside in ‘the land of the rising sun’ – Japan.I know the pain of having to shell out money and go through the painstaking process of getting visas. I want to inspire others in the same situation to go travel despite these obstacles.

Join me as I share my sojourns and tips to live debt free. That’s it, check out some of my posts and share your opinions…

Budget, Save, Travel and Repeat
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Solo Travel/Sojourn at Lake Bled circa 2013