Solo travel/Sojourn in Jerusalem

Thanks for checking out my blog.

I travel part time and fulfil my great passion of educating high schoolers full time. It is great to explore bits and pieces of our world then get back to my normal routine. Travelling, blogging and taking pictures are my serious hobbies.

I am passionate about travelling on the African Continent. My big dream is to explore all countries on the continent over and over again – 8 down and 49 to go whooppeee!

Kim's Global Sojourn

I am all about budgeting, saving and travelling all at once. You will see these coming out in the blog.

As a traveller from a developing country, Jamaica, I know the pain of having to shell out money and go through the painstaking process of getting visas. I want to inspire others in the same situation to go travel despite these obstacles.

Kim's Global Sojourn
Budget, Save, Travel and Repeat
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Solo Travel/Sojorn at Lake Bled circa 2013