My Experience as a Black Solo Female Traveller to Zanzibar


I liked the chilled vibes, the people, the food and just about everything except for the hopelessness among the youths. My favourite part of my visit was just sitting in Forodhani Gardens in the evening and chatting with some of the natives while enjoying the delish food they concocted. As a female solo traveller it is nice to enjoy meals with company while travelling. I recommend solo travel to Zanzibar.

It was nice to laugh and chat with them even though my heart was breaking over and over again. I met young men and women who had to hustle to eek out a living and who lived on not very much. I admired their tenacity and joy regardless of their daily challenges. I had the chance of being accepted right off the bat which i think was because I am a black person who they could identify with on some levels. I know many visitors see them as being pesky because they may sell small wares, offer tours and so on. Don’t we all do what we need in order to survive? Can they be less insistent sometimes? Yes. But when one is desperate and see an oasis doesn’t one do everything to get to that oasis? Visitors are seen by many as an oasis – it may be temporary or permanent…


I never felt unsafe. In many ways it was just like being in Jamaica and I was so happy to see the mad love that many have for Jamaica – though they still believe most of us are Rastafarians going around smoking the illegal stuff haha – stereotypes are strong I tell you.

Some of the things I Really Enjoyed

I love the enthusiasm of the youths who jump off the pier daily. One young man was so delighted for me to take his picture a he did this and he was just so happy to see himself on the still frame. That kinda joy no amount of money can buy.


I was on the hunt for jackfruit, one of my favourite fruits. So of course I went exploring in the market and engaged in some fierce bargaining for a half of the fruit – even though I was still ripped off, I was not mad though because I still did not paid a lot. It was great chatting with everyone whose instinct was to speak to me in Swahili because I look like a native. That for me was a big part of the joy of being there. I was able to go around and experience many things and chat with the natives because we had a natural affinity that may be the result of any number of factors.


Zanzibar is gorgeous. I highly recommend solo travel to Zanzibar.



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