5 Places for Female Solo Travellers to Visit in 2018

places for female solo travellers

Awesome places for female solo travellers are safe, budget friendly and chock full of things to see.Let’s talk about some places to put on your list this year.

Think about Exploring these 5 Places that are Perfect for Female Solo Travellers

Beautiful Bali

Ubud, Bali is a great escape and it is safe. Check out the post I did in the link at the start about my trip there. You can’t beat the prices either.Bali is a great place for solo female travellers since your money goes far and you can go from the beach to enjoy hiking up a mountain in a matter of hours. Here I share how much I spent on my visit there to give you an idea of just how cost effective this bit of paradise is.

things nobody mentions about ubud bali

Jaunty Japan

I know, I know, Japan is expensive. This is something that is not necessarily true for all travellers. It is more expensive than travelling in South East Asia but it is worth making a special budget for. You can do it quite easily for about $20 dollars a day if you couchsurf. You can eat cheap here. It is pretty safe too and filled with much free sights if you walk around an area like Harajuku.

Japan Osaka Castle

Tantalizing Tanzania

Go on a safari and enjoy the beautiful landscape and all the other wonders under the open sky. There is the thinking that everywhere on the African continent is unsafe. I beg to differ. The group safari I did was a reasonably priced $800. This is a great way to have this experience if you are travelling solo dolo. Read the post in the link for more info.

places for female solo travellers

Scenic Sri Lanka

This is a great country for female solo travellers to explore. It doesn’t get the publicity that it deserves. It is quite easy to travel by train throughout much of the country. The food is oh so delicious and the fruits so so succulent. I have been twice and know I will go again.

solo female traveller equals loose woman stereotype

Splendiferous Singapore

female solo travellers

What can say about Singapore except for the fact that it is a great place to visit if you are into cities. It is in the same category as Japan but you can find reasonably priced foods and stay at hostels. Female solo travellers will love exploring the enchanting neighbourhoods and soaking up the rich cultures there.

These places don’t show up on many lists but as a fellow female solo traveller I highly recommend them. Expand your list and see which of these call to you. Many great adventures await you.

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  1. WOW! I want to go to Tanzania so badly! By the way would love to start Solo Traveling around the world. Only beed to few countries

  2. I love that you used the word splendiforous. It is not used enough 🙂 And major kudos to you for traveling so many amazing places by yourself! Solo travel is definitely on my Adventure List and seeing all of these places is as well! There are so many beautiful places in this world!

    1. It is a favourite word of mine since i am a word sleuth and such LOL. Thanks for reading and commenting and I hope you start your adventures soon whether solo of with others.

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